My issues with the “30 days to…” challenges.

When I first started working out, I was always looking for quick fixes. "How to drop a dress size in two weeks", "how to get a peachy bum in 30 days", "the 30 day challenge that will change your life". HA. They don't work. Now, like I've said before, I'm absolutely no expert in health… Continue reading My issues with the “30 days to…” challenges.


A little bit about me..

So, I figure in order for people to connect with the blog, it'd be helpful to know a little bit about me. So here it goes.  I'm 24, I work 9-5 (kind of) and I live in London. Around 5 years ago I moved to lazy London from a very active Bournemouth where I'd walk… Continue reading A little bit about me..